Mental health is one of the main problems of our time.

We are Chantelle, Saskia and Tissot, and we are fed up with the mainstream conversations taking place around politics and current affairs. Every episode, we each pick a topic that has made us angry, either from the news or from our daily lives, and talk about why it matters from a sociological perspective. Through public sociology, we want to challenge common-sense understandings of ‘race’, class, and gender, and to show how entrenched inequalities shape both political conversations and individual experiences.

All our episodes are accessible, entertaining, and free to download! Whether you’re a social science buff or a complete newbie, Surviving Society helps you to cope with uncertain political times by looking at everything from a sociological perspective.

How to survive in modern society?

There is no peace in the world. There is no stability. Constant changes affect all areas of human life. Technology is developing, new information technologies appear. Laws and orders are changing. The very lifestyle of a person is different. The market, with its inherent system of relations, is firmly entering life. Changes have already affected the social security system, medicine. 

We are all in anticipation of changes in the system of general and special education. Newly established habits and stereotypes are not familiar for us. Who were nobody, they became everything, and vice versa. 

Social pressure coming from the real world “blows up” the system of images and representations that have developed in a person causes a feeling of psychological distress.

How to protect yourself from the evil of the surrounding world? How, in spite of everything, to enjoy life and be happy and help loved ones? How to isolate yourself from problems, the solution of which is beyond the control of each individual person? What to do in this situation for a normal person who has not yet gone mad?

These and other issues are discussed in the Surviving Society podcast. Here the author’s vision of the problem of personality survival in the modern world is presented. When defining the “survival strategy” of an individual, the well-known thesis in the psychology of activity was used: “The world begins with you, with your attitude to the world, other people and yourself.” Of particular importance in the survival of the individual in conditions of political instability, change of social formations, economic crises at critical stages of society acquire the internal potentials and resources of a person.

The most important factor in the survival of an individual in modern society is professionalism, considered as an integral characteristic of a person, which manifests itself in activities and communication. 

Individual professionalism is the inner “core” of a person, providing them with stability in difficult conditions and a constructive attitude towards the world, towards other people, towards themselves.

The survival of a person as an individual is possible in any era, and this is determined, first of all, by the person themselves. Don’t shift all responsibility for the failed life to “difficult times.” It’s just a trick of consciousness: the projection of our inner disorder onto something outside.

When will you be required to write an medical essay?

A medical examiner will only require applicants to submit a completed and analyzed medical statement. They do not have the entire month to complete such an paper writer assignment. Therefore, to help you get ready for the task, medical students are encouraged to engage in different activities.

Every person periodically faces a problem: how to get involved in a new social situation and, at the same time, not “lose” themselves, their personal integrity, and stability. Another option is also possible: to realize and change your “I” under the influence of new realities that come from social, economic, moral changes in life.

Epochs and customs are changing, times of natural (and social) cataclysms alternate with periods of relative stability, progressive technology, and a changing environment are only external circumstances, against which the individual and unique life of a person is built. 

Nowadays, when a significant part of the population has a powerful reaction to global changes in the country’s socio-economic structure, such a psychological phenomenon as an identity crisis has spread. This concept means the loss of a person’s sense of their own “I,” the ability to adapt to their role in a changing society.

We did not set ourselves the task of giving a final (“correct”) answer to many problematic questions. Therefore, it is impossible to find “clear recommendations” on how to survive for a person and preserve their personality in an unfriendly environment (physical, social, economic, informational, etc.). Recall that one of the main ideas of the podcast was that each person should (and can) solve this problem independently.