E025 Joe Kennedy: Authentocrats

This week we travel to Sussex to speak to Dr Joe Kennedy of the University of Gothenburg about his new book Authentocrats and as per we get SUPER POLITICAL. Discussing the policies and legacies of centre-ground political parties, Joe explains how he wants to show that Labour is just as guilty as the Tories and UKIP when it comes to using the ‘authentic’ views of stereotypical small-town voters as an excuse for racist policies. In a conversation that ranges from crime dramas to Game of Thrones to Lord Byron, we ponder why the way in which we talk about places matters, whether a more precise politics is possible, and whether Joe will oblige us by defining neoliberalism. Thank you so much Joe for taking the time to talk to us!

The passage Joe reads at the beginning of the episode is from pp202-203 of AuthentocratsClick here to read a longer extract from Joe’s book.

Warning: This episode contains some academic jargon. We recorded the episode in a cafe so there is some background noise for the first 28 minutes.

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