About us

Chantelle Lewis

Chantelle is a PhD researcher in the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths College. With her research on ‘mixed race’ families in a mostly white town in the West Midlands, she wants to challenge common-sense understandings of ‘race’, class and gender. Chantelle was brought up by her mother in Worcestershire, and despite the fading accent she describes herself as a proud Brummy! Passionate about activism, Chantelle wants to use her experiences of both working class and middle class culture to challenge the status quo. In her spare time, she mentors through the charity Friendship Works, catches up on political satire, and contemplates how she can elevate women of colour.


Tissot Regis

Tissot is a PhD researcher in the Goldsmiths College Sociology Department, where he studies the online radicalisation of white working class men by the far-right. He has particular interests in social media and its role in online radicalisation, and the rise of the far-right as a cultural phenomenon. An Eastender born and bred, Tissot has spent most of his working life in finance, and has changed careers so that he can do something more suited to his passion for helping the community. Tissot is a former body-builder, and still trains every day. His obsessions include history, political theory and current affairs, and his collections of trainers and comics.

Saskia Papadakis

Saskia is a PhD researcher and undercover Sociologist in the Geography Department at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her PhD is on people from the North of England living in London, and how their experiences and identities influence and are influenced by nationality, migration, and the places in which they live. Herself a Londoner, Saskia is a lifelong feminist and current affairs addict, and Surviving Society is an essential outlet for her frustration at the state of the world. When not reading or ranting about politics, Saskia plays the viola and cross-stitches classic artworks.