E018 ‘Race’ and the Cultural Industries with Anamik Saha

Why does culture matter when it comes to racism? Does having people of colour on TV make a difference to people’s lives? This week, we talk to Goldsmiths’ very own Dr Anamik Saha about his book, Race and the Cultural Industries, which deals with these very questions and much more. Anamik gives us his theory on the representation of people of colour in pop culture, we discuss what we all thought of Spike Lee’s BlacKKKlansman, and Anamik brilliantly breaks down the relationship between culture, racism and capitalism. There is some ranting, some swearing, some outrageous laughter, and many, many spoilers – happy listening!

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E011 Black essentialism and being a digital citizen

This week Chantelle is pissed off with the homogenisation of black people and people of colour in Britain. Drawing on the media depictions of knife crime in London and how different ‘communities’ ‘need’ to respond, Chantelle is urging for Sociology to dispel myths and to look more critically at the role of racism and whiteness. Tissot talks us through his developing PhD, focusing on the role of tech giants, the internet as a social space and the need for us to behave like digital citizens online. Expect the usual ranting, laughter and strong language.

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