E026 The Surviving Society Alternative to Woman’s Hour: Rebecca Scroggs

This week we are back with an Alternative to Woman’s Hour featuring actor and activist Rebecca Scroggs! Rebecca shares her experiences in the acting world as a mixed-race Black woman, we talk #MeToo, #TimesUp and #ShutUp (disclaimer: not a real movement…yet), and we have a think about how complicated social class can be. The chair of a housing cooperative, we also talk to Rebecca about the current political climate in relation to social housing, and why squatting is a radical act. Expect lots of laughs, strong language and some digestible academic thinking 🤓

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E007 The Surviving Society Alternative to Woman’s Hour

This week Chantelle and Saskia launch the first Surviving Society Alternative to Woman’s Hour! Beginning with the comments made by Catherine Deneuve about the #metoo campaign, in this episode we challenge commentators who think experiences of sexual harassment and assault are up for debate and talk about why we should avoid silencing different experiences. We discuss the missing aspects of these conversations like ‘race’, class and trans issues, our own journeys with feminism, and why we need to have a more fluid understanding of what it means to be a woman in contemporary society. Expect the usual strong language, laughter and ranting throughout.

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