E028 Resistance, Resilience and Ranting

Welcome to Season 3 of Surviving Society! This week we talk about what we’ve been reading, how our sociological imagination has changed since beginning the podcast, and how we are individually coming to terms/coping with the current political mess. Expect the usual laughter, ranting and swearing throughout!

The books we talk about are Michelle Obama’s autobiography, Becoming, a racist book on populism, and Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Worker’s Rights by Molly Smith and Juno Mac.

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E002 News fatigue, Boris Johnson and Black History Month

This week Saskia asserts her fatigue with the news, Chantelle rants about BoJo’s irresponsible language and Tissot seeks to re-frame black history month. We discuss key political events since 2010, ‘gaffes’ and the historical importance of slavery. With some swearing, we get annoyed about who is allowed to be offensive, stereotypes and privilege.

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