E014 Surviving Society with Priyamvada Gopal

In this very special episode, Chantelle and Tissot chat to Dr Priyamvada Gopal, English lecturer at the University of Cambridge and brilliant anti-racist activist. Between the three of us, we pull apart racism and representation in universities, colonialism and its collaborators and the abuse that comes with anti-racist activism. There might be a few swear words in there, but mainly it’s an essential conversation that gives context to the struggles people of colour continue to face in UK higher education.

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E011 Black essentialism and being a digital citizen

This week Chantelle is pissed off with the homogenisation of black people and people of colour in Britain. Drawing on the media depictions of knife crime in London and how different ‘communities’ ‘need’ to respond, Chantelle is urging for Sociology to dispel myths and to look more critically at the role of racism and whiteness. Tissot talks us through his developing PhD, focusing on the role of tech giants, the internet as a social space and the need for us to behave like digital citizens online. Expect the usual ranting, laughter and strong language.

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